Saturday February 23, 2008
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part VI: Thanks for the Memories


Narrator: Assimilating old unedited memories.
Schlock (memory): Hey, me. I'm talking to myself, so I can remember the conversation and where this stuff came from.
Schlock (memory): Colonel DeHaans is about to rewrite a bunch of my memories, and make me think he's my friend. He's not.
Schlock (memory): He wanted to experiment on me, and kill all of my friends.
Schlock (memory): We got in trouble for what we know about Xinchub, an' Laz'r'us, an' maybe Petey. The new memories they give us may be the only reason they let us live.
Schlock (memory): So. . . whatever you decide to do, no blabbing.
Schlock (memory): Here are the memories. I'm stuffing 'em in my eye, an' then forgetting I did it. The eye's prob'ly gonna be broken, Sorry.
Schlock (memory): Oh, and don't forget! We made somebody a promise.
Schlock: Oooh. We did make somebody a promise.