Sunday November 30, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part IV: Fuller's Soap


Narrator: Mission briefing in progress, Southport, Dock Two, Bay Four. . .
Kevyn: Surveillance drones, nanny cams, and our hacks into Infracrat security all suggest that somebody is stockpiling fullerened antimatter in this building.
Kevyn: Your job is to confiscate it.
Schlock: That sounds like my kind of fun.
Kevyn: But I'll be confiscating your plasma cannons before you leave.
Schlock: Oops, wait. The sound of fun is now being drowned out by somebody talking out of his brass.
Kevyn: Hand over the heavy artillery, Sergeant Schlock.
Schlock: No. Not this time.
Schlock: The last time I let somebody lock-box my plasguns my friend got sniped in the eye. I walked return fire all over the city and still couldn't hit the bad guys.
Schlock: With these, I could have put a five millimeter pulse-bold of plasma through Snipey McWipey's scope and into his brain. One shot, no collateral damage.
Kevyn: But that's not what you would have done. If you'd had plasma cannons you would have hit his window with a two-meter blast, vaporizing him and setting the room on fire.
Kevyn: Am I right?
Schlock: Okay, that does sound like it would have been more fun for me.