Sunday June 14, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part II: Barsoom Circus Command


NARRATOR: Barsoom Circus apartments, 3rd floor, clown suite

CLOWN: Private party, sorry. Go away.

SCHLOCK: Not so fast. I know you have a still in here. You clowns are smuggling Rombaugh Red grapes, and trying to make brandy. Cut me in, or I blow the whistle.

CLOWN: Nobody cares about our grapes or our still. Who are you going to tell?

SCHLOCK: Security Chief Zysk?

CLOWN: Zysk already knows.

SCHLOCK: Oh does he now?

CLOWN: Yes, he does. You told him yourself three hours ago.

CLOWN: And then he came up here, cut himself in, and promised to keep you quiet.

ZYSK: This stuff's actually pretty good. Much better than bio-diesel.