Sunday December 20, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command


NARRATOR: Aboard an old observation rig at an undisclosed location...

LOTA: Commander, Lota did not bring you here to seek approval.  Had Lota expected you to approve Lota would have given you the whole story up front.

LOTA: You were brought here to observe the weapon's firing in order to give it an appropriate name.

KEVYN: So for all your strategic planning and plotting, you remain so uncreative as to be unable to give something a name?

LOTA: Names are difficult.  "Apocalypse Cannon," for instance, has been used dozens of times just to describe toys.  The original technical descriptor for the weapon, "Discontiguous Particle Acceleration System," is unwieldy and not nearly threatening enough.

KEVYN: Maybe it's a good thing that the perfect name... the obvious name... is one that you haven't come up with.

LOTA: What is it?

KEVYN: Megalomaniacal, at best.

LOTA: That sounds like a silly--

KEVYN: *interrupting* Lota.

LOTA: What?

KEVYN: That's the name.  "Lota."  It's your name.  You live in those control systems.  You are the discontiguous particle acceleration system.

LOTA: Yes, that is a little megalomaniacal.

KEVYN: Only now "Lota" stands for "Long-gunner Of The Apocalypse."

LOTA: And Lota likes it.