Sunday November 29, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command
Note: The people in the last panel are performing the opening number from "Aperture Science: The Musical" by Coulton, Scalzi, and Wheaton.


NARRATOR: Aleph Fabbery: over the course of eight days Kevyn, Pi, Ennesby, and Ebby crank out prototypes.

NARRATOR: Their creations range from broadly utilitarian modules like sensor arrays to narrow-mindedly lethal things like limpet mines.

NARRATOR: The balance of the platoon rotates through a pleasantly boring guard duty.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Lota's army of musically-adept "Burana-bots" installs evacuation components deep in Credomar's twisty bowels.

NARRATOR: If this were twenty-second century holo-cinema the sequence would be edited with cuts at Fibonacci-numbered intervals, set to micro-tonal, neo-sanskrit prosody.

NARRATOR: If this were twentieth-century television the montage would be cut to the beat of a rock ballad.

NARRATOR: And if this were a Broadway musical, members of the cast would periodically burst into song accompanied by dancing strangers.

BOT 1: *singing* Now these points of data make a beautiful line!

BOT 2: *singing* And we're out of beta!  We're releasing on time!