Sunday December 27, 2009
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part III: Credomar Command


NARRATOR: Aboard the refitted, reassembled mercenary warship Touch-And-Go...

KEVYN: Is that exposed high-voltage conduit draped across the floor?

KEVYN: Chrome on a crutch! Thurl!  What is this mess?

THURL: Sorry, Commander.  Long story short... she's not combat-ready, but she will stay in one piece now.

KEVYN: I guess that's a start.  What's the hurry?  Why the panic call?

THURL: Your clone has gone missing.

KEVYN: Okay, what do we know?

THURL: Whoever took him wasn't subtle.

KEVYN: Broken furniture?

THURL: Craters.