Sunday March 28, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


NARRATOR: The Mall-One Security Data Center (Deck 5 at the 15th) and the Rodman Bounty Café (Deck 15 at the 240th) are just over 250 meters apart as the crow flies.

NARRATOR: Bulkheads and hard vacuum make that linear path impossible, even for a crow.

NARRATOR: Corporal "Legs" Leelagaleenileeleenoleela, a frellenti flightless bird-analogue, is now making that 398-meter traverse.

NARRATOR: The all-human record for the 400 meter dash is 39 seconds, but that race has no corners.

NARRATOR: Of course, Legs is not human.

NARRATOR: Also, here in Mall-One's low gravity the corners are just convenient places to push off.

So are the pedestrians.