Thursday February 25, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


CAPTAIN TAGON: Corporal M'Conger!  I understand you're the one I need to armwrestle if I want to get off swing shift.

M'CONGER: Oh, Captain.  Hi.  Ummm...  That's not really necessary.  You're the Captain, right?  You get whatever shift you want.

CAPTAIN TAGON: No, no.  I insist.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Winner gets to run the duty roster the way he likes it?

M'CONGER: Um... sure?

CAPTAIN TAGON: Oh, and the winner also gets this trophy I picked up on Deck 16.

M'CONGER: My right arm just went mysteriously limp, Sir.