Sunday February 21, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part IV: Mallcop Command


NARRATOR: It has been ninety-three hours since Tagon's cutlery dance...

BUNNINGUS: Captain, how do you feel?

NARRATOR: It will be another five hundred and sixty-five hours before Kerchak gets pants-money.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Really good.  Having a little trouble focusing, though.

BUNNIGUS:  That's normal.  Give yourself a moment.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Okay, but I'm not usually this... patient.

BUNNIGUS: Not usually, no.

BUNNIGUS: You've been out for four days.  I took the liberty of replacing both eyes when I realized that the new one was going to be significantly better than the old one.


BUNNIGUS: Don't worry.  They've been busy yet boring days.  Shodan's done a very good job.

CAPTAIN TAGON: I... I don't remember what happened at the elevators.  Did somebody jump us, maybe hit me with a stunner?

CAPTAIN TAGON: No... wait.  I remember a sharp pain in my back...

CAPTAIN TAGON: You drugged me!

BUNNIGUS: Yes.  And then I kept you under for ninety-three hours in order to ensure the new eyes were perfect.

CAPTAIN TAGON: I should be a lot angrier about that, but you did what you thought was necessary.  I'll let it slide this time.

BUNNIGUS: Shodan's ready to be debriefed, if you're ready to get back to work.

CAPTAIN TAGON: Already on my way.  Thanks, Doc.

TAILOR: Clever.  You gave him happy-drugs so he wouldn't fire you for doing your job correctly.

BUNNIGUS: Shodan's got about four minutes to tell him about the security cameras.