Sunday August 8, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer


THUG LEADER: Ms. Damico, armed intruders have appeared in the lab!

DAMICO: More phony time-travel messages?  I told you, that receiver is fake.

KEVYN PRIME: Cavalry's here.

THUG LEADER: Real intruders, ma'am.  We've got them on camera.  The hazard team is down.

DAMICO: Well... thank you for announcing it in front of my guest.  I really need to teach you idiots to send text messages.

KEVYN PRIME: Right now you really need to let me go.

DAMICO: Take a platoon to the lab and engage with extreme prejudice.

Go heavy, go hard, go home happy.

THUG LEADER: Yes, ma'am!

KEVYN PRIME: You're not listening to me.  You need to let me go.

KEVYN PRIME: You already know I didn't build you a time machine. The transmitter in your office is a blinking paperweight.

The receiver, though...  I used it to call for help. If there are commandos in the lab, they're here for me and the general.  Let us go, and we can pretend none of this ever happened.

DAMICO: You brought soldiers into my house and you expect me to pretend it never happened?!

KEVYN PRIME: If we're keeping score, I think you blew up my house after you kidnapped me.

DAMICO: You stole enough of my money to buy that stupid retirement cottage a thousand times over!

KEVYN PRIME: More like twelve hundred.  I got a great deal.