Sunday December 5, 2010
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


NARRATOR: Petey leaves a wake as he plumbs the depths of Reverend Theo Fobius' mind.

Theo watches warily as Petey rifles through memory, making subtle changes.

True accounts retain their saturated hues.

Falsehoods are flagged with a draining of color.

NARRATOR: Some of the most precious, sacred events of Theo's life fade into muted, sterile greys.

THEO: The wedding was a lie...

THEO: It was so beautiful, so perfect.

PETEY: You're awake in here?

THEO: Lucid dreaming.  Old productivity trick.

PETEY: Well, stop it.  You shouldn't be leaving important apps like "consciousness" open while I'm recompiling your brain.

THEO: I'd rather not sleep through this.  I want to see what else you ruin.