Sunday December 19, 2010
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


THEO: I spoke to my sponsor at the Ecclesiastium.

Bishouhjop Fitzgeraldine von Becker was very understanding.  She even asked whether she could perform the ceremony.

BUNNI: She'd do that for us?

THEO: She offered.  She said she could be here in six days.

BUNNI: That's not a lot of time to plan a wedding.

THEO: The hard part is the invitations.  We just need to make some calls.

BUNNI: Now that I think about it, I don't remember who exactly we invited to the fake wedding.

THEO: The only people I remember clearly were fellow Toughs.

BUNNI: People whose memories were also being altered...  That makes sense.

THEO: Monos de Dios!  Those U.N.S. brain-hackers wanted a consistent story!  A memory that included people who didn't share it might get discovered!

BUNNI: That explain why my family couldn't make it.

THEO: They didn't just mess with our memories.  They poisoned my relationship with my Mother-in-Law.

BUNNI: These calls are going to be... difficult.

THEO: We'll start with the easy ones.  There were some Toughs who retired after we married, right?

BUNNI:  Yes.  Yes, I would rather talk to a one hundred and sixty kilo killing machine than to my mother.