Sunday December 26, 2010
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


BUNNI: Lieutenant Ventura, is Tailor up to doing medical work?

PARA: Not really.  I reloaded his fashion banks so he could finish a combat suit for Tagon.


PARA: There's no reason I can't tool him up for both.  He's already got the expansion interface.

TAILOR: I, for one, would love to be useful to the company in more than one capacity.

BUNNI: Would you like to take a field trip with me for a day or two?

TAILOR: I would.

PARA: I'd love to!

BUNNI: Err... I meant Tailor.

BUNNI: ...But having you along to fine-tune things is probably exactly what we need.

PARA: Cool!  But I have to bring Ennesby with us.  I've modded him a lot, and he's still in shake-down.

NARRATOR: Ten minutes later.

BUNNI: Captain, we have a Joint Leave Request to submit.

TAGON: Granted.  Just don't let me hear about this on the news.