Sunday November 28, 2010
Book 11: Massively Parallel — Part V: Command and Conquer

You have reached the end of Schlock Mercenary Book 11, Massively Parallel

Book 12, Force Multiplication, begins on November 29th.


NARRATOR: Life aboard the Touch-And-Go is already trending towards a new "normal."

SCHLOCK: It's not fair.  I didn't even get to see your monkey.

GEN. TAGON: It's in a better place, Sergeant.

GEN. TAGON: I swear, that thing is like a giant child made of--

KEVYN PRIME: *interrupting* We know.

The youngest chunk of him remembers you.  It's weird how that manifests.

NARRATOR: The same dangerous boredom abounds...

PI: That whole batch of proximity fuses had nannyrot!

Somebody must have used my coffeemaker to make coffee.

NARRATOR: Comfort zones are returned to.

BUNNIGUS: Corporal Chisulo, hold still, or I will go fishing for this bullet with a cattle-prod and a melon-baller.

KEVYN: Sorry, Norwest.  Our quarters are off-limits for a little while.

NARRATOR: But there are changes, too.

TAGON: I like it.

ENNESBY: You can't be serious!

VENTURA: You'll like having lips, Ennesby.  How have you gotten this far without the ability to pout?

NARRATOR: Some are temporary.

NICK: Weird.  These new feet don't smell like anything.

SHODAN: Your new bus won't be ready for a few days.  If you're bored, help me with the drills.

SHODAN: Specifically, help me un-teach Schlock Parkata Urbatsu.

KATHRYN: No way.  He's an artist.

NARRATOR: Some are not.