Sunday January 16, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part I: Black and White


SCHLOCK: What if I promise not to take it out of my mouth?

BUNNI: Can you fire it without taking it out of your mouth?

BUNNI: Well?  Can you?


BUNNI: It stays on the bus.

SCHLOCK: It's not fair.  You get to keep all of your force multipliers.

BUNNI: Who taught you that term?

Also, you're using it wrong.  I'm not armed.

SCHLOCK: I'm not using it wrong.  You're a doctor.  You've got all your doctor tools, and you get to bring Tailor along for surgery stuff.  Those are doctorry force multipliers.

BUNNI: In that case, so are you.

SCHLOCK: So am I what?

BUNNI: You're a doctorry force multiplier.  You help me be more effective by watching my back for me.  I'm a better doctor when I'm not distracted.

SCHLOCK: So you'll be the best doctor if I have my plasma cannon.

BUNNI: No, because I don't want to have to keep checking behind me to make sure you haven't set the station on fire and killed us all.

SCHLOCK: I could stand in front of you.

BUNNI: It stays on the bus.