Tuesday October 11, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: The defusing of a six-kiloton, semi-sentient bomb.

PARA: Your nanny-hack was clumsy, sloppy, and worst of all, terribly insecure.

MAX: Insecure?  Little girl, I don't know who you think you are, but that tech is top notch.  Tarfeather answers only to me.

PARA: So you don't know about the back door.  Would you like me to have Tarfeather show it to you?

MAX: Sure.  Whatever.

PARA: Thank you.  Tarfeather, you answer only to Max Haluska.  Per his response, he wants you and me to demonstrate the back-door protocol.

TARFEATHER: Aleph cheese-monkey, nanny elevenses, hash 890ds7331m66.

PARA: Bristlecone!  Now!

BRISTLECONE: Key received ... Restoring from banked gestalt ... ... ...

BRISTLECONE: Operation complete.

TARFEATHER: Thank you, Mistress.  Instructions?

MAX: You tricked me.

PARA: Sometimes the back door is "You're an idiot."