Sunday October 23, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Aboard the stolen Sanctum Adroit gunship Bristlecone...

ENNESBY: Lieutenant Ventura, I don't think leaving those tarbots behind was a good idea.

PARA: They'll be fine.

ENNESBY: Fine?  Major Murtaugh is going to take them all back and wipe them!

ENNESBY: That's S.O.P. for hacked, mil-spec 'bots.  You don't put them back into service without a complete brain transplant, and you certainly don't leave them running around free with civilians.

PARA: I'm not an idiot, Ennesby.  I called in a favor from a friend.

The tarbots are now licensed, bonded, free citizens, H/V one-point-one.

ENNESBY: That is some friend.  I just hope Murtaugh gets the message in time.

PARA: I left her a nice note.

ENNESBY: With hearts and flowers in the margins?

PARA: Umm... yeah.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, back in Haven Hive's Beggar Bay...

MURTAUGH: Sanctum maiori excrementum...

TARFEATHER: Indeed.  Mistress Ventura arranged generous compensation.

MURTAUGH: This doesn't begin to compensate, Tarfeather, but you and the rest of the liberated tarbots are now bought and paid for.

TARFEATHER: As a group we now refer to ourselves as "Tarnation."

MURTAUGH: Of course you do.  That's... damned appropriate, even.