Sunday October 16, 2011
Book 12: Force Multiplication — Part III: Fight or Flight


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in Parnassus Dom...

MASSEY: Speaking as your attorney, sir, the breacher cannon should stay in the pile with the grenades.

TAGON: But... that's the pile we're not taking.

MASSEY: Small arms only.  I've checked the relevant ordinances.

TAGII: Sir, there's been an interesting development.

TAGON: I'm busy planning a rescue mission, Tagii.

TAGII: Petey informs me that the S.I. on Ms. Flinders vehicle, Bussed 'Em U.V., has gone silent.

TAGON: Petey had ears on the bus?

TAGII: Not just ears.  We have the last frame from the high-speed hatch-cam.

TAGON: I've been starving for good intel for hours now!

Show me.

TAGON: There's room for the grenades next to my extra socks.

MASSEY: So the breacher cannon goes in my bag, sir?