Sunday September 16, 2012
Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia — Part III: Execute


NARRATOR: The Strohl Munitions DD-101 pulser is an E.M.P. weapon.

Tough: Found one!

NARRATOR: It is designed for disrupting and destroying anything with a logic circuit in it.

NARRATOR: Most such devices are shielded against naturally- or accidentally-occuring pulses, and the integration of optical and quantum-esoteric circuits makes them extra-hardy.

EBBY: Clear the room and take the shot!

EBBY: In that order, obviously.

NARRATOR: The DD-101 overcomes this shielding through proximity, and the addition of powerful kinetic and thermal components.

NARRATOR: Simply put, the DD-101 is more of a grenade launcher than a ray gun.

Tough: *shouting* Everybody out!

NARRATOR: Why not just use bullets?  In practice, shooting a device with a bullet may not truly kill that device.

NARRATOR: The DD-101 pulser fires rounds that release a thick, hot hail of energetic particles, anti-particles, and shrapnel, rendering target devices completely inert.

NARRATOR: It is so effective it almost qualifies as overkill.

NARRATOR: Almost, but not quite.

NARRATOR: The follow-up from an armored elephant is another matter altogether.

EBBY: It's dead, Chisulo.

CHISULO: I want it to look dead.