Sunday May 5, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Cutting woody growth from a ship-sized airlock...

PARA: I've got a lot of questions right now.

TAGON: So do I, Cox'n, but it's your boat.  You go first.

PARA: Why did the Prabstdi send us down this hole?  They knew the only working lock was covered.

TAGON: Maybe they secretly wanted us to clear it?

PARA: Why are they bothering with the locks in the first place?  They can teraport inside and save time.

TAGON: Who says they haven't?  Or maybe they're stupid.  But yeah, that's a good one.

PARA: That's it for my questions, Captain.  Your turn.

TAGON: You're sure?

PARA: Pretty sure.

TAGON: Why are you here, on this mission?  You have to know that none of us trust you.

PARA: Bristlecone trusts me.

TAGON: That's not an answer.

PARA: More than she trusts anybody else right now.

TAGON: Okay, that's her motivation.

PARA: She asked me to come along, and I owe her this.

TAGON: Are you still working for Int-Aff-Int?

PARA: No.  My turn.  How come all of your questions are about me, but my questions are about the mission?

TAGON: I need to think about that.  How come you didn't send the command to shut the rear lock?

PARA: Bristlecone said "pressure differential" and I thought "force multiplier."

TAGON: Wishful thinking.  Once the hole's clear, that much rushing air will blast the fire right out.

PARA: I expect you're right, Captain.  This fire looks like it's going to go out any moment now.