Sunday May 12, 2013
Book 14: Broken Wind — Part II: Can Full of Sky


NARRATOR: Eina-Afa, outside an overgrown, burning transit spoke, 1000km above the surface...

TAGON: As much as I'm enjoying watching you squirm as we admire your handiwork, there is a mission on.

TAGON: We're being paid to hunt scary flying things, and we have a lot of sky to cover so let's get on with it.

ENNESBY: "A lot of sky to cover" doesn't begin to describe the magnitude of our hunt, Captain.

Earth's troposphere -- the breathable, flyable part of the "air" -- averages eleven kilometers in depth.

We've got about thirty-five hundred kilometers of that here.

That's over three hundred times Earth's atmospheric depth, and the line-of-sight we were promised is obscured by hundreds of layers of clouds and haze.

Without a proper array of scopes we could hunt for years and never find these "scary flying things."

SCHLOCK: That looks pretty scary.