Sunday November 2, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part II: Conflict


NARRATOR: Later that evening...

skyboat billboard: *displayed* 2NITES2GO

MAC: You know, gorillas are diurnal.

CHELLE: So are humans.

MAC: Yeah, but you've had ten thousand years of fire and selection pressure to help you stay up late.

My people have had less than 900.

CHELLE: Sure, but those 900 years had lots of uplift engineering in them.  There's probably some nocturnal tweaking in your gene pool.

There are definitely some tweaks in your blood nannies.

CHELLE: And before you ask about securing the pillow-fort you built, I'm sorry... that fortress has already fallen.

CHELLE: You couldn't have defended it.  They took it from within.

CHISULO: By mass, we are the ninety-nine percent.

ANDY: Tyranny of the majority!

SCHLOCK: It's okay.  Let them sleep.

Or try to...