Sunday November 23, 2014
Book 15: Delegates and Delegation — Part III: Conflagration


NARRATOR: Admiral Emm's temporary HQ...

EMM: Mako is worthless.  She didn't take care of the Toughs, and she hasn't given us anything on the assassination.

KOWALSKI: She's just one person, Admiral.  If you'd let her do just one thing, you'd get results.

EMM: We need more than one thing done.  How many boots can you put on the ground there?

KOWALSKI: What kind of boots?

EMM: Sharp, kicky ones.

KOWALSKI: I've got a wetwork sleeper cell in London, but if they "run out of chewing gum" in Dom Atlantis it will come back on us.

EMM: Take their gum.

KOWALSKI: Understood.  They'll be ready in eight hours.

This will be coming back on us inside of thirty.  What's our exit strategy?

EMM: Exit strategies are for people who don't have battleplates.

KOWALSKI: I have personally exited two battleplates because of people who didn't have exit strategies.

EMM: This one's new and improved.

KOWALSKI: And unfinished.