Sunday February 14, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


NARRATOR: The next morning, in the skies above Jumpstar Prime...


SORLIE: And that is how much noise the peristalsis drives make.

YAEYOEFUI: I hear only the suggestion of a whisper of a distant breath.

Thank you.

YAEYOEFUI: In exchange, I created these translation keys for your researchers. They're not reading the glyphs correctly.

It should no longer be necessary to plunder soul-foils, but if you wish to continue with that project there is an index engraved on the lastlight end of the windward wall, all the way at the bottom of each soulcrypt.

SORLIE: You wrote an entire dictionary!

Thank you, Yaeyoefui. We are gaining far more than you are from this exchange.

YAEYOEFUI: Really? I'm giving you language, but I'm getting some precious silence.