Sunday January 31, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part III


NARRATOR: Jumpstar Prime...



SORLIE: That right there? That's the problem we need to solve.

PARA: Because it's too loud?

SORLIE: Because it is a high-amplitude, low frequency waveform which can cause painful resonances in Oafan bodies. Especially large ones.

PARA: So, it's too loud.

ELF: We're not the people who can pass laws that say "Don't go too fast."

SORLIE: I know this. I have an engineering solution.

A textbook solution, actually. Some U.N.S. craft use it for acoustic stealth when they're feeling optimistic about sneaking up on something.

ELF: Oh... you mean a peristalsis bubble. Swallow the compressed air, and shove it out the back to fill the cavity before the boom happens.

SORLIE: Oversimplified, but yes. Properly configured, this allows ships to tear through the atmosphere at speed without creating a superheated thunderclap.

PARA: Do I get to build another boat?

SORLIE: I'm glad you're excited about this.

You're going to get to build lots of boats.