Sunday June 5, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Cindercone...

ELF: The propulsors made too much noise underwater, and screwed up the passive echolocation.

ELF: Then this seal failed, and water smashed the field analysis module.

ELF: Then we got heaps of garbage data because lots of things failed at once.

The crypt spider sent a final burst of telemetry, and then went dark.

PARA: *dramatically* As it sank INTO the ABYSSSSS...

ELF: I'm not in the mood for jokey stuff.

PARA: I know. The jokey stuff is for lightening the mood so you can shake it off and fix all the

PARA: Bay Three might be a better place for me to help out from.

ELF: *coldly* Outstanding idea, Corporal.