Saturday June 11, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


CHINOOK: What about security? We cannot let the Esspees modify the crypt spiders in ways that compromise any of our various perimeters.

PARA: Their fixes will be two rings away from the control nodes, and three rings from your override paths. If they even approach your space, you can melt the spider.

PARA: You'll have to be vigilant, though. You will be monitoring 300 engineers across thirty stations simultaneously.

CHINOOK: You are talking to the Goddess of Earth, Wind, and Plumbing. I'm already vigilant across an entire world, and its star system.

PARA: Haaaang on... You realize that the amorph who first called you that name didn't mean it as a compliment, right?

Also, I think he's in jail right now.

CHINOOK: Suffering for his art. Yes.