Sunday May 29, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Sanctum Adroit Precinctory Detention, Jumpstar Prime...

SCHLOCK: I was dead once.

That's not how it really goes, but it's fun to say it that way.

SCHLOCK: Except it's not fun. It felt like I lost five days, but what really happened was I lost a forever.

SCHLOCK: Petey had all my "me" in a fridge somewhere, and when I died, Petey made another me.

SCHLOCK: When he died. I'm not him. Petey could have made a me without the first me being dead, and then there would be two of me doing all the things, but here I am and there is only one and that means I lost a forever.

SCHLOCK: And that means Ebby lost a forever, and Murtaugh lost a forever, and Kevyn lost like, five forevers, and you have to get me out of here I hate being alone.

SORLIE: You've said more in the last five minutes than you said in all the time we spent together on Earth.

SORLIE: Of course, you did have a mouth full of hammers for some of that time.

SCHLOCK: Let me out and I will be good, and only eat all of the hammers you tell me to eat.