Sunday June 19, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Research Pod, Lock Three...

THURL: Do you want me to start with the solution, or with the extent of the problem?

KEVYN: *on comm* Oh, dear.

Solution first.

THURL: *on-screen* We need to cut new holes in the hull, and install all-new airlocks. Then we must not integrate those locks into the pod's other systems.

KEVYN: How can it possibly be that bad?

THURL: The Esspees rebuilt the authorization controls on this airlock so that the lock automatically recognizes authorized visitors.

It works brilliantly.

THURL: *on-screen* That auth-list is being pulled, real-time, from lodging and shift manifests via a phreak-tap on what was supposed to be a secure module.

KEVYN: Why can't you just pull out their hacks and harden the lock?

THURL: I can't be sure I've found all of their hacks. The only way to secure this airlock is to slag it, and then pave over it with hullmetal.

Maybe if I'd been watching them the whole time, maybe I could undo everything they did.

KEVYN: They're in the pod now Thurl. How closely are they being watched?

researcher: Excuse me, Corporal? Your captain just issued a work order that says "Nuke the pod from orbit."