Sunday August 7, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


MURTAUGH: Captain Andreyasn, I'm bringing a squad of heavies. Where do you want us?

KEVYN: Debark at deck eleven, hullward of the cabin cargo bay.

MURTAUGH: What about decks twelve through twenty-one?

KEVYN: Compared to the hull of Boat Six, the decks and bulkheads here are just wattle and daub.

MURTAUGH: I need to confirm something, Captain.

Are you asking us to ram Cindercone's cabin superstructure, and embed Boat Six to a depth of roughly fifty meters?

KEVYN: Confirmed.

And hurry. The Esspees have cut us off from that section. They're currently between Shodan's teams and my lab.

MURTAUGH: Your lab? Sanctum maiori excrementum... What mischief could they wreak in there?

KEVYN: I'm not worried about mischief. I'm worried about an invasion.

I've got two teraport cages in there. One of them goes to Fabber Two aboard Broken Wind, and the other will take them back to my house.

MURTAUGH: Your house is just two pods north of my house.

KEVYN: And that's why I said "invasion" instead of "unsolicited interior decorating."