Sunday August 14, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Cindercone...

MAC: I'm getting shield halo, Captain. Weapons aren't having an effect.

They have a bunker-bubble.

SHODAN: Bunker bubble... Vella Tacspec, right?

Gimme options, Mac.

MAC: Okay... An STS-grade breacher missile will flicker the shield down, for maybe a second after it zips through.

We could have Chisulo rush the shield. Right as he hits, I'll fire the L-105.

Chisulo will go straight through, like if I opened a door.

CHISULO: If you've got anti-ship weaponry, we could fill their little bubble with hot death instead of throwing an elephant party.

MAC: I want the operation that has the word "party" in it.

MAC: Also, if I cook the Vella's controls, the annie will explode, cooking all of us.

CHISULO: Operation "Elephant Party" is a go.