Saturday August 13, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


MASSEY: This is Chief Justice Reynstein. You're interrupting Sergeant Schlock's sentencing hearing. Now, how can I help you with your contempt of court today?

MASSEY: No, I assure you, this qualifies as an interruption.

MASSEY: Yes, I see that it's been notarized. My necktie line is not the correct channel for a Writ of—

MASSEY: The word you want is "precise." Not glacial.

MASSEY: Yes, you may enter the Courtroom, but I require you to exhibit appropriate decorum.


LANDON: This is an interruption.

MASSEY: It's definitely contempt of court.

TENZY: But it isn't a jail-break. We got it notarized!