Sunday August 21, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


NARRATOR: Cindercone...

KEVYN: Murtaugh, report!

MURTAUGH: Enemy eliminated. We took down their bunker-bubble, and destroyed all four enemy armor units.

MURTAUGH: We suffered light casualties. Chisulo will need a new suit.

CHISULO: What I need is help getting out of this one.

KEVYN: Shodan, report.

SHODAN: We've taken the quarantine cargo bay. The surviving enemy units disengaged and fled.

We don't know where they fled. Camera feeds here are damaged.

KEVYN: Casualties?

SHODAN: Sergeant Wenzi and Private Ng are stable. No other casualties to report, sir.

KEVYN: Really? What about your arm?

SHODAN: I'm currently left-handed.

KEVYN: Your right arm is missing.

SHODAN: It is not missing.

It's fused to a bulkhead on deck twelve.