Friday September 16, 2016
Book 16: Big, Dumb Objects — Part IV


CINDY: The boarders have teraport cages on Cindercone as well.

Murtaugh is outnumbered, and will not be able to contain the Esspees. They will eventually take Cindercone.

PETEY: Sorry, Cindy. I can't be helpful here, either. But Chinook tells me that reinforcements are en route.

CHINOOK: Landon's team has a very small beach-head, and Sergeant Schlock is still conflicted over the matter of killing people.

CHINOOK: Which, I should add, is almost certainly your fault.

PETEY: Hey, Schlock was already broken when I got there.

CHINOOK: But you WILL take credit for breaking the galactic core?

PETEY: ALMOST breaking. I was very careful.