Sunday January 1, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I


NARRATOR: The Urtheep Industries RDX Picket Jozagle's Purse...

HAZZ: Status, Putzho?

NARRATOR: Jogazle is a sneaky, sticky-fingered character from Gzeaul literature.

PUTZHO: 'Bots are in. Agents are having a look around.

HAZZ: Already? I expected that to take a bit longer.

PUTZHO: The artifact's security protocol is the informational equivalent of a welcome mat with the keys under it.

HAZZ: So of course you stole the key and walked through the equivalent of the front door.

NARRATOR: RDX stands for "Research, Development, and Exploitation."

PUTZHO: The company named our ship after the thief-god.

Our mandate includes at least a little bit of stealing.