Wednesday December 28, 2016
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I


TAGON: You're offering me the captaincy of... Cindercone?

KEVYN: No, that ship didn't work out for us. We gave it to Chinook.

CHINOOK: I'm happier not having my back door wander around the galaxy.

CDRE TAGON: Celeschul Orbital Foundries is almost finished with your ship.

It's a custom job.

TAGON: C.O.F. mass-produces gunships and cruisers like Bristlecone, and Kitesfear. I didn't realize they do custom builds.

CDRE TAGON: It's a custom job based on designs they're familiar with.

CDRE TAGON: It also happens to be a design you're familiar with.

SCHLOCK: Oooh, nice reveal.