Sunday January 8, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I


NARRATOR: Aboard TT08-11, the mercenary flagship Breath Weapon...

TAGON: If the flagship is ship number 11, my ship will be number twelve, right?

MURTAUGH: Ship twelve is Kevyn's. The Maxim Thirty-Nine.

Put it up, Iafa.

TAGON: Maxim 39...

"There's a difference between spare parts and extra parts."

TAGON: Between the name, and the Daysun-Tingo hull, that's obviously a support frigate.

TAGON: And if it's Kevyn's, it must have redundant suites of milspec fabbers, and a huge lab.

MURTAUGH: Two labs. One of which he thinks is still a secret.

TAGON: I'm surprised Kevyn didn't go with Maxim Fourteen.

MURTAUGH: "Mad science means never stopping to ask 'What's the worst thing that could happen?'"

TAGON: That's the one. Don't you think that would fit Kevyn better?

MURTAUGH: "Maxim Fourteen" would be an emblazoned excuse for reckless engineering.

It was, of course, Kevyn's first choice, and we all agreed he couldn't have it.

ship: *printed* MAXIM 39

TAGON: If you were worried about reckless engineering, you shouldn't have let him build two labs.