Saturday January 7, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I

Note: For those keeping score at home, Kitesfear (TT01), Post-Dated Check Loan (TT02), Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance (TT04), and Serial Peacemaker (TT03) were all destroyed. Touch-and-Go (TT05) was broken in half and completely rebuilt (TT05-06), and later damaged beyond repair, so yes, it's being counted twice. Bristlecone (TT07)  was also damaged beyond repair, and Broken Wind (TT08) was gutted, and her interior completely rebuilt (TT08-11)

Cindercone (TT09) is not being counted because it wasn't lost. It was sold back to Eina-Afa. Neosynchronicity (TT10) is also not being counted because it was under Captain Murtaugh's command (a detail which she left out of this conversation.)

To be fair, Scrapyard was a mobile facility, and maybe shouldn't count. It doesn't matter. Galaxy-wide, the average number of ships lost by a ship's captain (or captain-equivalent) who goes on to retain the rank of captain is very close to zero. Tagon hasn't set any records, but he's so far off the bell curve that any marbles he drops won't roll away.


TAGON: You said "TT08-11."

Why the numbers?

MURTAUGH: Counting refits, this company has had enough ships that we needed to start counting.

TAGON: But we've never had more than three at any one time.

MURTAUGH: Eight ships have been lost while under your direct command.

TAGON: Are you counting Touch-and-Go twice?