Sunday January 15, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I


NARRATOR: Rapid deployment in progress...

TAGON: My ship isn't ready yet. Where do you want me?

CDRE TAGON: Off of this ship in nine minutes.

TAGON: Harsh.

CDRE TAGON: I want you and your ship participating in this operation as soon as possible.

That won't happen if you're riding with us.

TAGON: Understood.

I think the shipwrights are almost finished with the weapon blisters. I can catch up with you by 1600 hours tomorrow.

CDRE TAGON: That won't give them enough time to install the main gun.

TAGON: It has a main gun?

CDRE TAGON: Not yet, but it will.

CDRE TAGON: C.O.F.'s original Dragon class spec included a main gun, which your ship will be getting.

TAGON: I've seen hundreds of Dragon class cruisers, and none of them had anything that looked "main."

CDRE TAGON: It's a tragic tale of budget cuts and ten thousand dragons that were obliged to get by with just their claws and some teeth.

MURTAUGH: My ship is keeping the name "Breath Weapon." You can't have it.