Sunday January 29, 2017
Book 17: A Little Immortality — Part I


NARRATOR: At the door of Corporal Andy Thnempha...

TANDERSIL: Captain Tagon, Lieutenant Diego-Garcia. Hello!

TANDERSIL: I'm Sami Tandersil, formerly Lance Adroit Tandersil, with the S.A.

TANDERSIL: You two must be here to resolve a D.T.A.

Should I step out?

CHELLE: How do you know what a D.T.A. is?

TAGON: How do you know that's why we're here?

TAGON: Answer both questions, please.

TANDERSIL: Andy and I figured if I was going to enlist, I should read your handbook.

And this is obviously about Andy's request regarding me. Had the answer been "No," you'd have told him straightaway.

TANDERSIL: Had the answer been "Yes," you'd simply have called me in for an interview.

TANDERSIL: Dropping by his quarters though... That means you're stuck at "Disinclined to Acquiesce," and you need more data before locking it down.

CHELLE: I like her, sir. She reads.

TAGON: She might be overqualified for infantry.