Sunday October 8, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part I


NARRATOR: Aboard the Cynthetic Certainty...

PERI: The Captain said he's not mad, but I have to be in a briefing in five minutes.

OHNDO: Relax, honey. You've got this.

PERI: With Tagon, the Commodore, and the other two captains.

OHNDO: Endroo! Get Peri's tabard and topcloak.

PERI: What are you doing?

OHNDO: Sending my lover to work dressed like a proper Fobott'r officer.

PERI: I'm not an officer.

OHNDO: Mmm-hmm.

And how many of the senior officers are not humans?

PERI: Well, there's Ebbirnoth, and, ummm...

OHNDO: Exactly. This is an opportunity for our little clan to change that.

PERI: Why me? Andy's been here longer than any of the rest of us.

ANDY: The command staff takes me for granted. You're still new.

OHNDO: New, and fierce, and qualified.

unknown Fobott'r: Ohndo is right. You can stand out.

PERI: I don't want to stand out. I want to hide.

TANDERSIL: No hiding. But let's slick your crest down. Make you less... tall.

PERI: What's wrong with tall?

OHNDO: That room will be full of short humans.

You should be imposing, but not threatening.

ANDY: Striking, but not garish.

TANDERSIL: Gripping, but not grabby.

TAGON: Rushing into battle without your uniform again?

PERI: "Irony, but not nudity."