Sunday October 22, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part I


NARRATOR: Meanwhile, aboard Maxim 39...

KEVYN: Twelve meters per second?

You set the outbound aperture to twelve meters per second?

ELF: On a hot entry, you have to keep the hatch clear.

KEVYN: That means "Keep moving," not "Let's install a self-clearing hatch."

ELF: Our entry teams like the self-clearing hatch concept.

KEVYN: Lieutenant Flinders plowed into Captain Tagon like they were filming a meet-cute at the Drunk Olympics.

ELF: That happened because Captain Tagon was standing in front of the hatch.

PARA: Also, he and Flinders look cute together.

PARA: That's not why they collided. That's why the pile-up looked like a meet-cute.

PARA: I bet I have some robots to work on now.

KEVYN: Elf, sweetie, I think you're missing my point, here.

ELF: Let's see... is your point that your wife beta-tested and adjusted the hot entry system without telling you?

KEVYN: Without telling me or Captain Tagon.

PARA: Or Lieutenant Flinders.

ELF: That's what I thought.

You're angry because we have a communication problem.

PARA: Yup. I do have some robots to work on.