Friday October 20, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part I

Note: The most accurate translation of Dante's original quote is "abandon all hope, ye who enter here." Murtaugh is not wrong leaving out the "all," however. She's quoting a short-lived theme park's cheerful entry tune, in which the missing "all" shows up later.

It's a world of pain
It's a world of fear
Abandon hope ye who enter here
The abyss, it will stare 
Into you, so despair
It's a small hell built for all.


KATHRYN: Why does it say "TOE" on the lintel?

teraport cage: *printed* TOE

KEVYN: It's a tune-on-entry teraport cage, Flinders.

T-O-E spells toe.

KEVYN: Also, a toehold is a small, secure point from which one may go on to do big things.

KATHRYN: And a toe is a smelly piece of foot that you hide in your shoe.

MURTAUGH: Let's compromise.

MURTAUGH: "Abandon hope, ye who enter here."

KATHRYN: Stepping through now, with abandon, sir.