Sunday December 3, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Eina Afa...

PETEY: Hmmph.

An Ob'Enn warship just exploded for no good reason.

PUTZHO: Are there any good reasons for warships to explode?

CHINOOK: Before we begin an argument regarding morality, may I request that we please skip to the inevitable finish and ask whether there are any good reasons for warships?

PUTZHO: Are you asking me that?

CHINOOK: There are no good reasons for warships, but we exist in a universe where causality is inherently amoral.

We have warships for reasons.

Sometimes we have to make warships explode.

PUTZHO: Got it. Rhetorical question, not actually asking me.

CHINOOK: It would be nice if all our reasons were always good, but at least the explosions are pretty.


That took a surprisingly disturbing turn there at the end.

CHINOOK: Surprising AND disturbing?

CHINOOK: Now I do need to ask you a question.

CHINOOK: Is it good to look at an explosion and think that it's pretty?

PUTZHO: Help me.

PETEY: You hijacked this conversation. You get to land it.