Sunday December 17, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


NARRATOR: Aboard the Soulward Honor...

SCHLOCK: Captain, I just got some new orders and I know everybody's in a big hurry but I have questions.

ELF: Welcome to the prize crew, Sergeant. Ask away.

SCHLOCK: So, my platoon is down to just five, plus me. All the Fobott'r went to the flagship, and Neeka is off to Maxim 39.

ELF: Your question?

SCHLOCK: Is that really enough for a prize crew?

ELF: Oafan engineers will be doing most of the crew work, since the crew stations were originally designed for people with four arms.

GREERA: I have enough arms to imitate that pretty well.

ELF: Also, your team of five is very force-multiplied. You still have Mac, and he's got a new fragsuit.

SCHLOCK: You can't make me happy about losing team members by giving my leftover people some new stuff.

ELF: Can I make you happy by giving you some new stuff?

SCHLOCK: I'm a good sergeant, so I don't think I can let you make me happy that way.

ELF: Eat this.

SCHLOCK: A food bribe should look more like food.

ELF: This is the control module for your new fragsuit.

ELF: It's okay to be happy. You're still a good sergeant.