Sunday December 10, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II


KEVYN: Elf, I'm...

No, wait.


For this I think I should say Ellen, because "Elf" is the cute, diminutive name that we gave you.

KEVYN: And since part of the problem here is that you've been in my shadow, I should...

No. That's wrong too.

KEVYN: My shadow has been on you, not because you put yourself under it, but because I keep standing in the wrong place.

KEVYN: When I took your name it wasn't so I could hide my Andreyasn-ness it was so I could use just one word to step aside and let you become... well, whatever.

KEVYN: And even saying it that way is wrong, because you becoming isn't something I should be letting and I just this second realized that using the Andreyasn fame as a public excuse to be a Foxworthy is saying something that happens to also be wrong and this is really complicated.

I can hold five dimensions of physics in my head along with eleven dimensions of math and okay yes I sometimes have to pin notes on the wall but that's easy compared to figuring out exactly how to apologize and for what.

KEVYN: And the humblebrag about math was dumb because putting "I'm so smart" in this apology completely undermines everything I'm trying to say despite the increasingly obvious fact that I don't actually know what those everythings even are.

KEVYN: I'm sorry. We need to talk more, with me doing more listening, and I don't think that having you below me in the command chain is good for us but I don't know how to fix...


KEVYN: Ennesby... If Commander Foxworthy commands the prize crew on a ship she captured then wouldn't that make her Captain Foxworthy?

ELF: Apology accepted.