Tuesday December 5, 2017
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part II

Note: Thirteen is significant in this context because thirteen is one more than the number of Fobott'r fingers and thumbs. In Fobott'r numerology 13 means "spare" or "redundant," which fact makes Peri's leap of logic look more like a simple step (which, in Fobott'r numerology, would be represented by the number 2, because their word for "2" is one of their words for "feet.")

Addendum to Note: Because you'll ask: "Finger, feet, hand, arms, head, self, crest, thing, strike, secret, magic, power, spare." Now you can count to 13 in base 12 like a Fobott'r numerologist. Not that you should need to. Seriously, this time you can trust me. 


PERI: What if I could prove he was a pirate?

ELF: Can you do it without asking me to tear more bits off of him?

PERI: This line...

"I stand firm upon the truths of the thirteenth finger."

PERI: There's a backup of the ship's logs in the deck plates beneath wherever the captain stood.

ELF: Not an actual finger is good right now.