Sunday June 3, 2018
Book 18: Mandatory Failure — Part III


NARRATOR: Tetlumbrathi, spiritual center of Fobott'r people...

unknown Fobott'r: Greatmother, I have a tlumnph that I wish for you to read.

GREATMOTHER: No, what you have is a thing you printed on your fabber.

unknown Fobott'r: Deepest apologies. I misspoke.

It's a copy of a recent discovery, and respectfully I would not ask you to sully your hands thereon without good reason—

GREATMOTHER: *talking over* Just give it to...

Oh my.

This is a masterpiece.

NARRATOR: It is a city of poets and priests, pastors and pilgrims, and plenty of people whose titles begin with letters other than "P"...

GREATMOTHER: The scribe... so gifted, but I do not recognize her touch.

unknown Fobott'r: The original is currently in the care of a nascent soldier clan. They're deployed as mercenaries.

NARRATOR: There is an hierarchy here. The more important a matter is, the further it must climb for action.

GREATMOTHER: You will come with me to Primus Pethmatoko.


NARRATOR: Greatmother Kathlumira is at the very top of that hierarchy.

This is her flagship, Primus Pethmatoko...

Oh, look. Two more P-words.