Friday November 10, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
The Shopping Trip


PlanetMercSales1:Hi, welcome to Planet Mercenary! Can I help you find something?
Schlock:Yeah, I need a new plasma cannon. My last one blew up on me.
PlanetMercSales1:Owch! Let me guess... It was the Strohl Munitions BH-209 M?
Schlock:How'd you know?
PlanetMercSales1:The control systems on the BH-209 M just can't tolerate alcohol. The "M" stands for "Mormon." If you're going to splash the gun with your drink, you'll be wanting the BH-209 I.
PlanetMercSales1:Nice Work! You got it in one!
Narrator:Apologies all around for the Mormons and the Irish (and Irish Mormons). <WHEW>