Sunday November 19, 2000

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
The Shopping Trip


Narrator:Captain Tagon has recruited some new blood for the company. A reverend, to attend to the funeral of the old, dead doctor, and a new doctor to serve as a replacement.
Tagon:Okay, troops, This is Doctor Lieutenant Edward Bunnigus, and standing next to her is the very Reverend Master Sergeant Theo Fobius.
Nick:I think I'm overdue for a physical.
Shep:Me too.
Tagon:While we're assembled, I'd like the reverend to conduct a funeral for our last doctor.
Reverend:Right. What's the name of the deceased?
Tagon:Oooh, uh... I don't know. He enlisted before we ran much paperwork.
Reverend:Okaaay. Do you mind, then, if I just refer to him as "this dead guy?"
Tagon:Works for me.
Reverend:Right, here we go then.
Reverend:This dead guy is dead. Judging by what I can see through the nice casket window, he's probably dead because he didn't duck. Say your prayers, make your peace, but always remember to duck, folks.
Sign:Deceasefire Coffinpedo (tm)
Reverend:You probably all miss him. but if I'm the judge, the new doctor is a whole lot easier to look at. I'm thinking you're all going to be a lot healthier, what with the increased trips in for physicals, and the like. So, all told, it's a net gain. God works in mysterious ways, but I think I've figured this one out.
Breya:Is that IT?
Reverend:Oh, I forgot. Amen.
Reverend:Now, launch the corpse, and let's go get some chow.
Narrator:He's really more of an irreverend...
Der Trihs: